Autum updates

1. Learning to fly – bicycle riding
David’s bike adventure started last year when we managed after a lot of work to teach him to ride a bike with training wheels. It was quite difficult, but in the autum last year we already had difficulties keeping up with him …

Seeing these developments we decided this year to teach him to ride without training wheels.

It took us almost a month … Maybe that’s why it seems a great victory. We used a method from the Internet, first to be removed the pedals and when the child acquires balance returns to cycling … There are videos on Youtube – very useful…
Riding the bikes in National Library parking brought us new friends. Bikers meet there (bigger or smaller) car tuning enthusiasts (I even attended a meeting of Matiz owners) and many others.
Below, first flight photos, after one month of training..




2. First day of school

We waited a long time for it. Here it is. David went to school. He goes to prepairing class of School no 81 from Bucharest. It passed one week and we may say things go smoothly. David goes to school together with Alina – his therapist.



At school we have received a lot of help, from his teacher, Mr. Patrascu. We had the surprise to meet a lot of his former kindergarten colleagues but also there is another autistic child in his class who also comes with a therapist! Unfortunately we meet more and more autistic children.



We had a lot of emotions, in the first day and also after. It came also the first cold – normal consequence of colectivity.



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