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Dear friends,

Unfortunately I neglected the English version of David’s blog. That’s why I decided to post this article. Since the last one, we met some of you or talked on the phone with you. But I know that many of you do not have news from us quite for a while.
David is 8 1/2 years old and he became a joyful boy. In September he will go to school in the 2nd grade. He worked very hard in the last 2 years and finished very well the zero grade and the 1st grade. Of course that included a lot of efforts for him, for us and his teachers.






2014 is the year when David managed to read his first book. It was “Charlie and the chocolate factory” by Roald Dahl. We moved then to Jules Verne’s Misterious Island (not finished yet…). We helped him chapter by chapter and encouraged him when he was too tired. Now he knows the book by heart and he’s happy to talk about the characters and especially about Mr. Wonka and his glass elevator 🙂 In fact this book brought about one of David’s new hobby: elevators. He knows about the main producers of elevators – Schindler, Otis, etc. With the help of some friend we managed to take him to the highest building from Romania – Sky Tower where he climbed to the 34th floor with a very fast elevator.





We continued riding the bikes and going to the mountains as a family good practice. This year we took David to Omu – a 2507 mt peak from the Romanian Carpathians. We were very happy to walk again the paths of this wonderful mountain, this time being followed by our beloved son.











Little by little David learned a lot of things and he struggles every day to integrate into our life which seems so strange to him. We still have to work to help him understand social rules and proper behavior and also to focus more on more on school so he can catch up with his colleagues. Until now everything else than his therapy or us did not mean too much for him. But now he is able to extract the given information from the bundle of sounds, lights and people around him. For example when we take the car and go somewhere he starts to ask questions about a specific topic from the radio. Such as “Is it still a war in Ukraine ?” or “Why are the people talking about the crashed plane?”. We had long talks about a lot of matters including the sad stories that happen around us. We talk about countries, flags and capitals. He is studying his first English words and sentences. He is curious why in USA and Australia people speak English and sometimes he amazes us with his questions.  It seems that he is somehow orientated to technical matters and he has a strong opinion when we renovate his room or his bathroom. Ikea still remains his main supplier 🙂
He studies the solar system with a model bought by his grandfather and he seems to understand why there are different time zones. He understood that when he goes to bed it is almost time for Catalin (living in Sydney) to wake up 🙂 Since he is using Skype on his Ipad, it is good that our friends from Australia go offline during night 🙂
He also began to understand some jokes and when he’s not sure he understood it, he asks us “Is it a joke?”.
Sometimes he comes to our bedroom in the night saying that he cannot sleep (or maybe he dreamed something bad – he never talked with us about dreams…). He is doing normal typical things that we missed so much…
Regarding the specific therapies we are still doing ABA (but only meetings with David’s therapy coordinator), horse therapy and we are aiming to take David again to dolphin therapy – that if of course we manage to raise all the funds in time. If everything goes well we should fly to Antalya on the 18th of August.
We hope to hear news from all of you and we will indeed update you with our adventure.

Thank you for your support.

Mihai, Mike and David

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