2011 – one year of autism fighting. Hopes and results.

We try to include the main events of 2011, especially for thouse of you who don’t speak Romanian and cannot follow us every post.

2011 new year’s eve – David watched TV together with us! We watched Jamie Cullum’s show on Mezzo! We’ll come back to Jamie later on our story.

ABA therapy was scheduled on average 4 hours a day, followed by complementary therapies.

Among first pictures of 2011, here are some taken at Daitoryu Dojo, where David practiced Aikido trained by sensei Lupascu Sorin.








Changes become clear. First great success: David is calling us mom and dad. When spring came, David succeded his first bicycle ride… Now we are hardly keeping up with him… 🙂
At the end of May we departed to Antalya for dolphin therapy at Dr. Murat Kemaloglu’s facility SoulScience School. Our belief is that something happend with David, something good that allowed us to see all the progresses he made.








July brought David’s first ascent. Destination: Macinului Mountains. Altitude : 371 mt !








I told you about the new year’s eve Tv show. Later on, Jamie Cullum become our main entertainer. We listen his music every day together with David who is actually enjoying it. We had a lot of chance and we were supported by our friends Philippe and Monica Jezegou in order to see Jamie live in Vienne at Jazz a Vienne fest. David was very happy to see a real show and he stayed with us 6 hours on the steps of Theatre Antique of Vienne..
David also met his friends Lina and Victor in Paris and spent 2 days with them.















Jamie Cullum did a great gig, here he is testing acoustic theory:

Every time when we travel, David is showing the best of him. He is happy to see new things and changes make him more aware of reality.

We made a beautiful trip to Tismana, in august. Our friends Aniela and Adrian were our guides on an incredible land of faith and joy.












An important step in our own healing was organizing of the conference Autism – hopes and results in October. We found out that there is an incredible high number of autistic children who need help and guidance. We hope we succeded to gather parents, therapists, doctors with the same aim: fighting autism!

There is a You Tube cover in 4 parts, first is seen below.

The conference is also presented on the website: www.autism-sperante-rezultate.ro

In october I took a business trip to Barcelona, to see PISCINA show for pool equipment. Mike and David joined me. We spent one day in Barcelona and two in Alicante. In Alicante David met his cousins Eduard and Sophie and also his grandparents.
















At the end of 2011, David went to some parties (Bianca’s birthday party and of course Christmas celebration and  Santa’s visit to us.



















Last pictures of 2011, just before midnight. David is sleepy but calm and happy together with us. Happy New Year 2012!


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